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Classic Car Screensavers

About the screensavers:

If you want to download a screensaver, just click on the image to go to the downloadpage.
When you have downloaded a screensaver, run the exe file and follow the on screen instructions.

Free MustangWorld Screensaver 1.3

Here's a little gift from the nerds at Mustangworld.com. It's their way of saying "live well, kick ass, and prosper". Show your friends which sports car really rules the road and cyberspace... Mustang!
It's a screen saver that runs after there is no mouse or keyboard activity for a while. It's designed to save your screen like any other screen saver. Mustangs randomly appear on the right side of the screen, each with it's own random speed & position. It can get exciting watching which Mustangs will pass others as they travel from left to right. It's one endless "race". A perfect gift for yourself or a friend.

Ford Mustang Screensaver

15 high quality images of Ford Mustang cars with music and 3D transition effects. This screensaver should work with all Windows versions. The sound can be muted from screensaver settings. File size is 1.5MB. This screensavers is freeware and does not contain any adware.

2 Ford Mustang Screensavers

The latest model has kept unchanged the things that have made Mustangs distinctive over the years. The Mustang Cobra goes even further than that with its 305 bhp 32-valve powerhouse which is more than enough to give acceleration to 60 mph in 5.6 sec.
All Mustangs, and especially the Cobra are an absolute blast to drive. They are not, by any way, friendly easy cars, yet they have their own crude way of making their driver get involved in driving them.
Like the Chevrolet Camaro, the price of a Ford Mustang is very low, comparable with that of a dull family saloon.

Here you can downlaod two Ford Mustang Screensavers: A screensaver featuring hand-drawn illustrations of the Mustang and a screensaver of the latest Mustang model.

Awesome Antique Autos Lite

This screen saver has 30 photos of the antique automobiles on display in auto museums. These award-winning collections of exquisitely restored automobiles includes automobiles up to 90+ years old, displayed with period clothing and artifacts.

Awesome Classic Cars

Classic cars enthusiasts will love this screen saver with antique automobile photos from classic car auto shows. Includes classics from the 30's to the 50's.
The high-quality 1024x768 photos will fill your screen and look great at any screen resolution (they will work fine for smaller screens too, so you won't miss anything). This screen saver uses low image compression for the best possible quality.

Ford Mustang Screensaver

A great image slideshow for your desktop screen. The Ford Mustang is the ultimate cool car. The base model Ford Mustang is equipped with a 5-speed Tremec T-5 manual transmission, is powered by a cast iron block 210 hp (156 kW) 4.0 L SOHC Ford Cologne V6 engine. The Ford Mustang Screensaver 1 contains over 20 high resolution photos, full screen wallpaper size.

Classic Car V Screensaver

The best 18 images from my other classic car screensavers, including hot rods and with special effects.

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