Nail polish inspired by the 2005 Ford Mustang

Ladies, start your engines

Ford Motor Company and OPI, the leader in professional nail care are now working together to get women get ready for the summer.

Ford and OPI will work together to offer three colors of nail polish inspired by the 2005 Mustang colors. Revved Up & Red-y, You Make Me Vroom, and Gone Platinum in 60 Seconds are available now in more than 25,000 shops in the United States and Canada.

Nails are seen as the greatest fashion accessory and What could be better than a girl with pinkd nails driving a pink Mustang."

Most Mustang buyers are women and these women are very importante as a car-buying group.

In the early days cars were all about men and the car industry is just starting to realize how important women are in this market. Women do drive the cars, and they are making their own choices about color and comfort. Ford wants the Mustang to be especially appealing to women, not just men."

And what better way to appeal to women than by offering them a beauty product that color coordinates with their car.

Mustang customers know style when they see it, and now they can take their pony car coolness with them everywhere they go. The women who are doing their nails and the OPI brand say Mustang all the way and set new standards for muscle-car style.

Each bottle of nail polish will feature Mustang's trademark "galloping horse" logo on the bottle cap. In addition, special print advertisements in popular women's fashion magazines like Elle Girl, Marie Claire and Harper's Bazaar will feature the 2005 Mustang with models wearing the new shades of OPI nail polish.

The Mustang has been influencing American style since its introduction in 1965. The all-new 2005 Mustang is once again becoming part of today's pop culture by inspiring toy manufacturers, video game designers and fashion designers to create one-of-a-kind Mustang collectibles.

Ford recently announced that it will increase production of the hot new Mustang to more than 192,000 units in 2005. That's 80,000 more than were produced in 2004.

OPI's Ford Mustang Nail Lacquers will be available beginning June 1, 2005, at salons including Regis, JCPenney, Trade Secret and ULTA. The bottles will sell for a suggested retail price of $7.50 each ($12.50 Canadian).

OPI will feature a specific Mustang branded page on its website at The website will include a data collection tool and will drive traffic to

Dearborn, April 27, 2005
Source: Ford Mustang news from the Ford Motor Company

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