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My daughter Ashtyn who is seven months old loves to stick her tounge out. If she doesn't have her pacifier in her mouth, food or a bottle, she's got her tounge sticking out. It's not short tounge either. She touches her chin with it.
Everywhere I go, people constantly ask me "what is she doing," and "why does she do that?" I can't give them a logical answer other than "she just does." People are constantly laughing at her. One night at dinner with a bunch of friends, one of they guys thought it was so funny he took a picture of her with his phone.

Ashtyn has always been doing funny things. The other day we went shopping at Target with her Grandmother. She's disabled and rides a scooter. She had Ashtyn on her lap and they were stopped in the middle of an isle. Ashtyn grabbed the lever that made the scooter go backwards, and on they went. It scared my mother to death. After that, everytime my mother had stopped the scooter, Ashtyn would reach over and grab the lever. She knew what she was doing, too. We laughed so hard in the middle of Target every time she would do it. Remember, she's only 7 months old. Ashtyn is always doing something funny. I'm almost positive if she keeps on, she'll be voted class clown in high school. She's too funny!